A Weekly Challenge … and why it works for me.

During my Spark days, the “5%, 8-Week Challenge” was a motivator!  Am I competitive?  Sometimes, yes!  And yes, I was successful by actually losing 10% in 8-weeks. Nice!  Track everything!  


I also did the “8 Glasses of Water per Day Challenge.”  I surprised myself.  I do drink enough. This is one area I don’t need to track.  


I did my own personal weekly challenge of adding jumping jacks to my exercise routine.  Let me tell you, that first day was embarrassing, feeble, and alarming.  It was bad!  But … day by day, I improved.  It got easier to do and I could do more almost everyday, adding 5 at a time. Just start! 


This week I am doing the “Freggie Challenge”. Fruits and veggies … it is easy to fall short.  If I wouldn’t be doing the Challenge, I would have failed, most days.  I have better nutrition because I am doing this.

Small changes lead to big changes, over time. One day at a time. 


Changes I have made: less processed food, more fresh food, no snacking after dinner, 10,000 steps, 25 flights of stairs, reduced carbs (30-40%), and intermittent fasting (16/8).  I sleep well, have reduced stress, planted a garden, watch less TV (and news!) and connect with others by phone, Zoom, Messenger, etc. Life is about choices. Make some good ones for your health and future. 

2021 September …

After the end of my SparkPeople run, I wasn’t sure I wanted to blog again. I had been there since 2009, on and off, but didn’t really get it until 2020 and into 2021. And boy, did I figure it out!  Sixty-five pounds down and looking so much healthier. 

I became inspired by successful Spark members, involved with Spark teams, signed up for 5% challenges, and slowly started to blog. What I also did was track all food, intermittent fast (16/8), and walk 10,000 steps per day. You can see the evidence in my chart - I lost weight, and it came off easily, as long as I stuck with my routine. 

The maintenance piece has been a little more challenging, but at least I only have to lose 15 pounds this time. I started over on September 1st. after a terrible summer of poor air quality from wildfires and an abandonment of a tracking routine (that’s on me!).  I am now tracking food with Cronometer, tracking fasts with Sunrise, and socializing on MyFitnessPal and on the GoogleGroup https://groups.google.com/g/maintaining-weight.  So far, so good. 

The year of my success was blogged about weekly, and I started getting followers and supportive comments, … and friends. It was win-win. With that, I will try again, to encourage others and to document my journey for self-motivation.  Are you along for the journey? Remember to act; don’t just watch. MY story can be YOUR story. Let’s all have a happy ending.